Yaariyan - EP 23 Teaser - 6th September 2019 - HAR PAL GEO DRAMAS -

Yaariyan - EP 23 Teaser - 6th September 2019 - HAR PAL GEO DRAMAS

Yaariyan - EP 23 Teaser - 6th September 2019 - HAR PAL GEO DRAMAS

Sadia and Zobia are sisters raised with strict family values by their father Hamid. Sadia is married to Ahmar but her rukhsati is on hold while the family waits for her uncle’s return from America. Zobia on the other hand is having an affair with Umair. When she invites Umair to Sadia’s birthday to introduce him to her family, Sadia does not approve of the rich and spoilt Umair. As the meeting between Umair and both sisters is taking place – Hamid and Ahmer along with his family arrives at the party to surprise Sadia on her birthday. Ahmer misreads the situation completely and assumes that it is actually his wife who is interested in Umair. In a fit of rage Ahmar divorces Sadia on the spot and leaves her.
Dejected and helpless Sadia will now have to build a new life in the face of adversity, her father’s pressure and her sister’s opposition. In this story of abandonment, hatred and revenge - will Sadia and Zobia ever reconcile, will they get the men they wanted in their lives or will their fates be decided by the harshness of time and chance.

• Written by: Sameena Aijaz
• Directed by: Syed Wajahat Hussain
• Produced by: Erum Binte Shahid
• Production House: DramayBaaz Entertainment

Cast and Character Details:
• Junaid Khan as Ahmer
• Ayeza Khan as Zobia
• Momal Sheikh as Sadia
• Muneeb Butt as Umair
• Mehmood Aslam as Hamid Baig
• Hina Bayat as Aliya (Umair's Mother)
• Shagufta Ejaz as Zeenat (Zobia & Sadia’s Mother)
• Shaista Jabeen as Abida - Ahmer's Mother
• Maryam Nafees as Sumbul

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