10 Strict Rules Travis Scott Makes Kylie Jenner Follow On Astroworld Tour -

10 Strict Rules Travis Scott Makes Kylie Jenner Follow On Astroworld Tour

Travis Scott Makes Kylie Jenner Follow These Insane Rules On His Astroworld Tour
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When Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott first got together, it seemed as though their relationship was moving at lightning speed. But these two seem to have a wonderful and supportive relationship, and they’ve managed to figure out how to make things work. Kylie is joining Travis on his Astroworld Tour, so we’re going to talk about some of the rules they follow as part of their relationship. This includes everything from the room setup on tour, to sharing photos of baby Stormi. It took some time for these two to get a house together, but now they’re enjoying even more privacy, which is particularly important to Travis.

Do you think their relationship rules are too confining, or have these two managed to find a recipe for success? Let us know what you think in the comment section, and then click on the subscribe button for the latest videos from TheTalko.

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