We Had A McDonald's Wedding In Hong Kong -

We Had A McDonald's Wedding In Hong Kong
Safiya Nygaard

So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping and here is the 6th installment - in which we got a McDonald's Wedding in Hong Kong! No, this is not our real wedding, but this is a real thing that McDonald's actually does. Apparently, in Hong Kong, McDonald's got so many requests to host weddings that they now offer wedding packages - with an MC, catering, guest favors, apple pie wedding cakes, french fry kisses, and even balloon bouquets. So I figured, since Tyler & I are engaged - we had to stop by a McDonald's in Hong Kong and (sorta) get married there to see what it was like! What did you think of our McDonald's wedding?

A huge thank you to Taylor & Natalie for helping us with our McDonald's wedding!
You can check out the collab video we filmed for Taylor's channel here!
And you can check out Taylor's channel here!

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