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Watch Car Driving Demo Class of Azad Driving School Chandigarh. Learn everything starting from holding key to become a confident driver. For detail visit our school website: | English Translation below

How to drive a car? What are the car driving tips? How to learn car driving quickly?

English Translation of "Demo Class"

1 Seat-belt: First adjust your body so as you can handle steering properly and control Accelerator, Brake and Clutch.

2. Fasten your seat belt properly

3. Indicator stalk: Upward-left indicator (left turn) and Downward-right indicator (right turn), Middle position-indicator off.

4. Accelerator/Race, Break and Clutch. From right foot control race and break; from left foot control clutch.

5. Press clutch when you need to change gear or slow down the car. Simply don’t press clutch when you are pressing race or vice versa. if you want to stop car first use the clutch and then break depending on speed. if the speed of the car is more than normal so use break first to slow down and then clutch.

6. Before shifting any gear first press clutch properly then shift gear starting from 1st gear if you are moving forward, or if backwards so use reverse gear. Make sure don’t press race in reverse gear.

7. Mirror Guide: There are three mirrors in cars normally, right mirror, center mirror, left mirror. before turning left first see rear traffic in left mirror, before turning right first see rear traffic in the right mirror and use center mirror for watching traffic exactly behind the car.

8. Use of Hand-break: Use hand break while you are stopping the car on a roadside or on slopes in hilly areas. When you lift hand-break it means your car wheels are locked. when you want to unlock hand-break you need to press the button on the tip of hand-break then press it down. Now your car wheels are free.

9. Gear and Speed: Normally we use a combination of gear and speed in this way 0-10 first gear, 10-20 second gear, above 20 third gear, above 40 fourth gear and so on. And if your car speed is decreased from high to low e.g. from 60- 30 so you need to down the gear to the third one.

10. Before starting your car make sure it is in neutral mode. In case your car is in gear mode, you can start it, but you need to press the full clutch and then start your car engine.

11. Reverse Gear: While using reverse gear make sure rear side of the car is clear. Don’t use race while reversing. When you are rotating steering clockwise, the right side of the rear part of your car also turning right side. It means steering clockwise rear side of a car also right side; and if anti-clockwise then rear left side of a car turning left side. If keeping steering in the straight center, then car moves backwards straightly.

12. Roundabout Tips: Before approaching the roundabout, you need to follow some rules:
For going straight forward, or right turn or U-turn use right indicator before approaching the roundabout.
Before passing roundabout give left indicator (when you’re in the middle of the roundabout) if going straight forward.
If you want to turn 90-degree right side, then keep right indicator until you reach the middle point of your straight way forward.
While taking U-turn you need to keep right indicator until you revolve the roundabout. give left indicator in the middle of roundabout before you straightway forward.
Note: While turning left or right or U-turn makes sure your way is clear and go forward.

13. Follow White-strip on Roads: While Driving on road don’t cross plain while strip (the middle one) on some of the roads it is a dividing line making the road two-ways. One for left side traffic and other for right side traffic.

14. How to Stop Car? Before stooping car slow down race and turn gear back to small one. Press clutch and then break and make gear in neutral mode. Turn off the car engine, lift hand-break to lock your car wheel and remove your seat belt. That's all.

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