18 Dark Secrets In Pixar Movies That Will Leave You SHOOK -

18 Dark Secrets In Pixar Movies That Will Leave You SHOOK

The untold truth about Pixar movies.
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You don’t have a heart if you can say that you’ve never cried watching a Pixar movie. Whether it was Woody and his gang hurdling to their fiery deaths, any Carl and Ellie scene from Up or when that “Remember Me” song plays during Coco, Pixar has definitely pulled on some heart strings since they started making some of the most memorable animated films ever. The studio has defined a generation of film asking the intriguing question, “What if things could feel and have emotions?” and has applied that to the world of monsters, toys, cars, robots, bugs, dinosaurs, rats, fish and so much more. Each film outdoes itself in terms of beautiful animation, story and, of course, ALL of the feels.

But what’s underneath all of that? Well, when you look past the feel-good exterior, you may find some shady and shocking truths lying in each and every Pixar film. Yup! Things are about to get a whole lot less wholesome in this list, where we show you the surprising dark secrets that hidden in your favorite Pixar films.


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